Bonsai Hi Fi Sound System
was born on a dance floor in the December of 2015 and is a small but immaculately maintained analogue sound system purposely built for small to medium sized parties where the sole objective is the finest reproduction of all forms of dance music using vinyl records for dancing and relaxing in a safe and happy environment. The system itself is located and installed on a beautiful farm in the North West of England.

The parties, held between four and six times a year are inspired by the work and ethos of the late David Mancuso, his Loft parties and the amazing continuation of his legacy by London’s Lucky Cloud Sound System who have been instrumental in helping us build our own system. Also it must be noted the small but strong network of like minded people around the globe, many of whom have been instrumental in helping us build/inform our own little sanctuary and to whom we owe a great deal of gratitude.

The sound system itself is comprised of:
4 x Klipschorn Speakers.
2 x Belle Klipsch Speakers.
2 x Mark Levinson 431 Amplifiers.
2 x Primare A60 Amplifiers.

1 x Isol 8 mains conditioner/power distribution unit.

2 x Isonoe Technics SL1210 turntables modified with custom arms, external PSU and completely rewired internally.

2 x Custom TPI TRB- X1 laboratory grade turntable isolation plinths.

1 x EAR Yoshino 912 valve phono stage/pre amp which acts as our mixer.

Selection of very high end interconnects and Moving Coil/Magnet cartridges and styli.

The entire system is powered by a huge amount of love, dedication, sacrifice, sweat, tears ,blood and constant tweaking.

The owner and chief selector has been a DJ for over 30 years and has amassed a huge library of incredible records of just about all genres of “dance” music and is as fastidious about their maintenance as he is the sound system. He is a genuine music lover obsessed with its powers of wellbeing and elation inducing effects.

The other main person involved with the parties is his best friend and his family who are the 3rd generation to farm the land where the party is located and all the fantastic staff and immediate family who keep everything running smoothly.